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We are different from most firms in our approach, capabilities and experience

An independent organization—we work for our clients
Personalized financial plans—designed for each client’s unique situation
Annual reviews are required—we don’t disappear
Focus: Financial, retirement and estate planning, wealth and risk management for individuals and businesses


Gene Muenchau and Jon Nicholson, former vice-president and senior vice-president of a large, international financial services firm, founded GHJ Financial Group as an alternative to the industry’s transaction driven approach. They saw a need to do planning “the right way.” Gene and Jon’s unwavering promise is that the clients’ needs and plans come first.

All financial plans are reviewed by Gene and Jon so GHJ's clients benefit from multiple points of view and their extensive experience.

Because GHJ is an independent organization, we have a wide-range of financial tools available. And, it is really important to us that you understand not only what you own, but why you own it and what it does for your financial future.